"We are very pleased with the service that we received from Philip Brent and his team.     
Our home sold in twenty days and all the details were handled very professionally.

We used Philip to purchase another home and his professionalism became even more   apparent.  The seller`s agent was very disorganized and it took the talents of Philip and also John Burge to keep the deal together and moving along.

Buying a house is not something we do often, so it was very reassuring having Philip and John working so hard for us."
                                          Steve  Kaufer, President 
                                                               Maximum Security Alarm Systems

"Philip and John, the two of you were absolutely terrific, from start to finish, and I will be singing your praises and recommending you to anyone within shouting distance.  Together you bring to the table a team that`s greater  than the sum of one plus one.  I must say that it was reassuring to met to know that it one of you was unabvailable, I could rely on the other with the knowledge that I`d find the same level of professionalism and top notch advise and follow-through.  It`s relatively easy to be in real estate with the market`s so hot that homes sell as soon as they`re listed.  But when the markets get tougher it`s the attributes that you brint to the table that become increasinly important...." 

                                                               Clifford Orent, Palm Springs, CA

"John Burge and his business partner Philip Brent were intrumental in locating a Palm Springs property that exceeded our expectations.  They presented our offer to the seller and was able to close our deal in a very quick and professional manner.  I would highly recommend John and Phil with your real estate needs." 

                                                                 A. Craig Digman, C.E.O. Sylvan Industries, OR

"John, we really enjoyed our visit at P.S. thanks to you.  We came home with enthusiasm to sell...please keep us informed...Thank you very much.  All the best to you.  You are a very good agent.  We did not feel forced or pressured and yet we got great tours and understanding about Palm Springs."

                                                                 Mira & Michael Gralnik, Los Angeles, CA  

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